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    I have a 6 yr old Pitbull named Meadow. We got her from the pound 4 yrs ago. She’s the sweetest dog on EARTH! Problem is, she’s itching ALL the time. She doesn’t have fleas, believe me i’ve checked 100 times, was wondering if i could bathe her in oatmeal?…Or something of that nature. I have this spray stuff that works, for a whole 10 mins, than she starts itching again. Any comments would be great. Thanks



    Bathe her no more then once a month.
    Use a flea comb daily (just to be sure)
    Brush weekly.
    make sure there are no chemicles in her home. Floor, carpet bed laundry ect.
    Limit vaccines. (only required rabies every 3 years by law in most places in the states)
    Better dog food.



    Best bet is to use a flea comb to check just to be on the safe side and it isn’t too pricey either. Try to not use the spray, that might have an after effect. If it’s really a problem, you an try asking a vet for advice or any pet store owner.



    You can try using a flea comb just to be on the safe side.

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