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    Dumb Blond jokes are my favorite jokes. I decided to make a thread with just blond jokes. So, post away!:D



    An officer noticed a blond woman hunched over on a street corner. He walked up to her and asked what she was doing. She told the officer she was looking for a ring she had dropped. The officer decided to help her look for it. After about 30 minutes of searching, the officer asked her where she dropped the ring at. The blond said “A couple blocks over, but the lighting is better over here”.



    Haha, thats funny!

    A blong was sitting at a table, staring at lots of pieces spread out on the table. She called her boyfriend and asked him to come over and help her with this puzzle. “It’s suppossed to look like a Tiger, but I just can’t seem to get it”, she said. So her boyfriend came over, looked at the pieces on the table, and said, “Let’s go get a coffee, but first, put the frosted flakes back in the box.”



    Both good ones.

    A blond saw a brunette jumping up and down in the middle of a highway. She was saying “78 yesterday, 65 today” repeatedly. The blonde came up and asked “May I join you?” The brunette said “Sure”. They jumped and yelled together. A large semi came driving up. The brunette jumped away, but the blond was struck and killed bby the semi. The brunette began chanting “78 yesterday, 66 today”

    Get it? 🙂



    those are really funny

    How do you keep a bonde busy? You put her in a circular room and tell her to find a corner.



    HAHAHAHA! Both of those are funny!



    Lol, these are great.






    OK here’s one…
    Q-Why was the blonde’s belly button sore?
    A-Because her boyfriend was a blonde too. 😀



    Hahaha, that’s dirty….but funny! :p



    I don’t get it.



    hahaah!!! Dirty but funny

    Q: Why did the blonde die in a helicopter crash?
    A: She got cold and turned off the fan.

    Q: What do you call a blonde with half a brain?
    A: Gifted!

    Q: How did the dumb blonde break her leg raking leaves?
    A: She fell out of the tree.



    Okay, this is REALLY nasty but funny! (to me, atleast…)If you don’t want to be grossed out, please don’t read ahead.

    There was a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. The brunette had lots of zits. The redhead had lots of scabs. There was a kidnapper who took the brunette, popped all her zits, and put the ‘stuff’ in a bucket to torture her. He left her in a cage for a month with no food or water. She died. He kidnapped the redhead, ripped all her scabs off, and put them in another bucket to torture her, left her in the cage, and she died. He kidnapped the blonde, and put her in the cage with the two buckets, and waited for her to die. 3 months later, he comes back and she’s still alive. ‘How are you not dead?’ he asks. Her response was, ‘I ate the chips and dip!’

    see? Told you it was nasty…all of you who read it are probably turning green rite now…



    Haha, that was really funny and yet now I’m not hungry for supper…:p



    mickeyd that is sad and disturbing.
    bubbles- your was really sad
    (I am not denying that they were funny)

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