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    HI every one i am new tothis site and as an act of slight desperation I need some help inwhat to do. My new baby corn snake has escaped and I have scourered my studio apt looking it. I have looked in all the places i would assume the snake woudl have gone, along wall edges, corners, dark areas, behind furniture, under funriture, in my closet, in the laundry bin, in and around the bit and bobs on my shelves that are close to the floor. I have looked every where and left no stone un turned so to speak.

    Only now ive noticed that there is a small hole in my weather stip at my front door and more worrying is that its big enough for the little snake to have gotten out of. What are the chance it would have gotten out if the room at night is a bit chilly? and if it did get out what are the chance ill find it? if ever…

    I was just begining to like that snake since it was a (im guessing) a blizzard corn snake if such a thing exists. I was told it was a snow but is suspect the pet store was mistakened.

    Thoughts would be great, im about ready to get a new one, but dont want to abandon the little guy to its fate out in the real world. Any advice would be even better.


    PS as i live in thailand a snake on the loose out side is very very bad as ppl here have no idea the difference between a harmless little corn snake and a slightly dangerous tree snake. So go figure. Its not a snake friendly country.

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