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    I have two ferrets a boy & girl. Draco and Hermione. Draco’s nails grow strong and don’t crack and only needs clipped ever couple weeks. Hermione on the other hand needs hers clipped more often but they still crack horribly. I noticed yesterday they were cracking backwards… again so we had them clipped extra short, but there are still small areas that you can see are splintered.
    My mom has a pedi paw. can I use that on her to file down the splintered ares? will clear nail polish hurt her (im not sure if they chew their nail haven’t seen it but they might) and what can I do to strengthen her nail???



    i would try not to use any chemicals on there nails you never know what will happen and you don’t want to be making a try to the vet. my ferret nail grew like crazy best thing to do is just keep up on cliping them.

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