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    I need some advice and I am not sure where to go.

    I have a ferret with adrenal gland disease and he obviously has become very itchy.

    I have been putting nivea lotion on his back, something I read while looking for answers. Also gotten shirts for him, but he gets right out of those.

    We have been keeping his nails trimmed, naturally, but he is still able to shred his back up – literally. There are small open scratch marks that just have to be painful.

    I have no idea what else I can do for him. The vet offered no solutions for his itchiness and I am feeling horrible for my little guy.

    I am actually considering declawing him. But I wanted to talk to other ferret owners before a vet who would make money off of it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in declawing. I have had three cats and had my ferret for four years and no one has been declawed.

    But now he is really hurting himself. And I am very frustrated and sad for him. We were told the adrenal gland surgery would be pretty risky and since he is only losing his fur and itching right now that we should not consider it yet.

    I am not even sure if a vet would declaw him because he scratches himself with his back paws and we are not concerned for whatever furniture he menaces with his front paws.

    So if anyone has any ideas or options, please let me know. If there is something I can demand my vet to do for him, please let me know. Or if there is a natural alternative that will help him. I am all ears.

    Because right now, I am willing to try anything to help him. I know declawing is brutal, but if there is nothing else, I really have to weigh which is more brutal, these nasty scratches for the rest of his life or declawing pain for a few weeks.




    Was he definitely diagnosed with adrenal? Surgery is the best option. I went through that with one of my girls (who has since passed away). She was back to her normal self in no time. If surgery is not an option, Lupron shots work okay. Cream is not going to do anything. Adrenal disease is an overproduction of horomones. Therefore cream is not going to do anything. Making declawing an even crueler procedure because it won’t help. Talk to your vet about other options such as lupron or surgery if you can afford it. Once Frank had her surgery she was good as new!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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