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    It’s sad. I got these two on a whim and they made everything so much better. This little raccoon colored girl is so energetic and inquisitive and so lovingly playful, I named her Sticky (Cuz she has sticky fingers). The little boy is white, sable I think it’s called. He just kinda meanders around and minds his own business, very laid back. I named him Chill, because of his calm demeanor and white coat. They came from a home that had an owner that named the girl “Mary Jane” and the boy “8 Ball”. I found the names rather inappropriate. I’ve had them for roughly a month and a half and have put together a place for them to run free in my living room. They love it and play happily. But. On Monday, October fourth at roughly 2am, my girlfriends apartment caught fire and she lost a lot. She has since come to live with me in my apartment. The ferrets are alright for now, but my apartment isn’t big enough for she and myself and we have to move. The apartments we are looking at, and unfortunately are the only ones we can afford, don’t offer the allowance of pets. So on top of needing to adopt out my ferrets, I’ll have to see if my cat will be alright to stay with my mother and father. It’s going to be traumatic to lost these little guys, but at least, before I let them go, I can make sure that they find a good home. With them came a decent cage, but it wasn’t galvanized so it has some rust on it. It’s two levels, big enough for the both of them. I had a myriad of products, shampoo’s, the water additive that made they’re bowl movements less smelly, a tea tree spray for them, and a flea and tick spray, and shampoo. I have, since adopting these two, acquired a second cage that is just bigger than the previous. I have hung their bed in it, put a litter box in the bottom and they have taken to it nicely. The two have some stuffed animals, small, beanie baby like animals that they like to cuddle with. I give them baths regularly and they have claimed one of my towels that they use to dry off in. They have also claimed one of my spare pillows as a bed for when they aren’t in the cage. The previous owner had made them a box, carpeted outside and in, with a hole on the top and bottom that they can move freely through. Everything will come with them. I hope this doesn’t turn any prospective adopters away, but I would like to sell these things, not for much, but for enough to help with the move. Understand though, that the ferrets have no price, adoption fee or sales fee. But the cages and box would like to be sold with them. I know it may seem cold asking for money, but understand I am in dire straights and this would help me greatly. I do not feel right taking these guys to a center to be taken care of like castaways, they deserve better, they are living creatures. If you are interested, please email me at [email protected], I check my email regularly. My name is Thomas and I thank you greatly for the time you spent reading and/or considering this.

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