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    My tank size is 10gal. It was on cycled 2-9-03.
    I am using a power filter with chemical,mechanical,& biological.
    Water temperature ranges from 72 to 79 degrees f.
    No heater
    Ammonia .0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 0
    Ph 7.2
    Chorine 0
    Choloramine .5
    Alklinity 120
    No dieseases in the aquarium.
    I have one male betta and 3 corydoras.
    I change 10% to 20% of the water on sat.
    I feed my cories 1 TetraMin wafer in the morning and another in the afternoon.
    I feed my betta 2 Wardley Betta food pellets in the morning and two more pellets in the afternoon with a Tetra bloodworm as a treat.
    I light the aquarium 12 hours with a icandescant bulb.
    I only use a dechlorinator.
    I have driftwood with silk plants, caves, & lots of shade.
    An aqauarium background is provided in the tank.
    4 Bamboo plants are keeping my nitrates level low.
    About 1″ to 3″ of gravel in the tank.



    Wat size are your gravels?? Are they safe for cories?? Cories love to root around on the bottom and if they encounter sharp edges in the gravel, they are liable to get hurt and may lead to infections….

    Also, the pH is slightly high for these fishes, these are of the soft and slightly acidic water kind… You may wish to look into getting a bottle of Tetra Blackwater extract to help it be slightly acidic…

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