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    I’ve done a bit of a fish move around…

    What was:

    4ft (210L) – angels, redtail shark, cories and pep BN
    3ft (190L)- neons, albino BN, common LF BN and riffle shrimp
    2ft (140L) – was running but empty
    2ft (88L) – small fancy goldfish


    4ft – small fancy goldfish
    3ft – angels, common LF BN, & albino BN
    2ft – neons, pep BN, riffle shrimp, cories & redtail shark
    2ft – now empty



    Another change around happening.

    I’ve decided some tanks have gotta go, mainly the smaller ones as they are just a pain to care for.

    So i should end up with just these ones.
    5ft – Currently – maingano breeding colony. Future – staying that way, adding e.yellows eventually

    4ft – Currently – 6 small fantail goldies planted. Future – Bare tank for hopefully angel fry growout

    3ft – Currently – Planted angel tank. Future – Debating making is SW with my long wanted lionfish

    2.5ft – Currently – Only arrived yesterday. Future – Planted angel tank (2 breeding pair, 5th angel to be sold)

    2ft – Currently – Planted community (neons, rtbs, pep BN, riffle shrimp & some rescue guppies). Future – same but with more neons added and guppies out.

    2ft – Currently – Rescue guppy fry . Future – 3 small fantails DONE

    2ft – Currently – Empty. Future – 3 small fantails DONE

    28 litre – Currently – Empty. Future – Planted cherry shrimp STARTED PLANTING

    So that leaves 6 to be sold, and 1 that i am giving away to an aquaintence

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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