Fluffy RiceBall… I think GOD wants him back..

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    Hi all, first off, I havent been here for years. Think the last time I was here, I updated you all about me reunited with Fluffy (flew him back to be with me). He has been living his life like a King with me and my parents all these while, and then I got married in 2008(moved to a neighbourhood 15 mins away). I’m working 7am-6pm Mon-Sat, after working hours i’d be spending time with my husband and my 21-mth old daughter (yes, I have since given birth!). Decided not to move Fluffy away from my mum’s because if I did, Fluffy would be confined to his cage most of the time, as opposed to being at my mum (she doesnt work) where he’s free to roam indoor ALL THE TIME. Since then, we will go back to my mum’s for visit every Sun, my little girl simply adores Fluffy. My parents treat Fluffy like a gem, their love for him is not any much less than mine.

    Lately Fluffy is losing fur on his legs, and it appears he cant see very well. Have already brought him to the vet last week, was given injection and some medicine and vitamins. The other day when I picked Fluffy up, I almost bursted into tears, I couldn’t believe he weighs so much lighter. The past few days mum told me Fluffy isn’t eating. His urine is orange in colour, my mum was worried he’ll get dehydrated, so she’ll spoonfeed him water and he’ll drink it. He refused pellets/vegetables… and he’ll only eat a few pieces of bananas (his favourite treat).

    Are those signs that he will be leaving us very soon? I’m very scared of losing him, can’t believe I’ve been shedding tears on and off for the past few days. Fluffy is 8 years old now…



    So sorry to hear this. Hopefully its nothing serious and he will bounce back. Please keep us posted on Fluffy. Mindy

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