Foster cat upsetting own cat :(

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    Hi I’ve not been on here for a long time, used to use the fish forums a lot.

    We have two cats of our own, they’re two years old and we’ve had them from 8 weeks, they’re sisters and normally get along very well. We’ve recently moved house and they settled in nicely after a couple of days. We decided to use some of the extra space at our new house to foster for a cat rescue charity. On Monday evening we picked up our first foster cat, who is pregnant and due to give birth very soon. At first, our cats didn’t even know she was in the spare bedroom and were fine. Tonight though, I think they can smell her and one of our own cats has been hissing at the other and scaring her. I really don’t want to give up fostering but I don’t want my cats to be upset either.

    Any tips on how we could help the situation? We have the foster cat in a different room as I’ve mentioned, our cats have never seen her. There is a draught excluder along the outside of the foster room, plug in air fresheners inside and just outside the foster room. Any ideas at all would be much appreciated!! Thanks 🙂

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