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    Hello everyone,

    Today my husband found some baby mice in our garage. Sadly, only one was still alive. So I grabbed it up and put it in a shoebox with some carefresh and a thick piece of clothing. It was too late to go to any pet store so I fed it some evaporated milk diluted with water. I don’t have a dropper so I used a 1cc syringe with out the needle. It seems to eat ok. I helped it go to the bathroom. I’m not sure how old it is. After it ate, it was extremely wiggly, not jumping. I first thought its eyes were closed, but they appear to have started to open. I don’t have a heating pad, but I put it in one of my bathroom that always stays pretty warm and I kept the light on to try to keep it warm in there for it. I just checked on it and I picked him up and he was licking my fingers. I could see a small set of teeth. I have no idea how old it is or honestly what I am doing. I don’t know how often I should be feeding it, or if I can start giving it something besides milk since he was licking my fingers. ANY help or suggestions would be greatful. I’m terrified I’m going to kill it worse than if I left it outside, but it was cold and this mouse looks so skinny to me. Advice?!



    He sounds about 3 weeks old. It needs more than just milk. Cook a few tablespoons of oatmeal in water and strain out the liquid, add some soy baby formula to the liquid and an egg yolk (you could use cows milk if that’s all you have but then you need to push some of the oatmeal through the strainer to thicken this mixture a bit.). It is really easy to aspirate them if the liquid is too thin. Mix the egg yolk in really well with a wisk and use the siringe to feed. Very soon it will start lapping it up out of the palm of your hand and in no time out of a jam jar lid. If it has some teeth, put some pulverized nuts and/or peanut butter (no salt) in a corner of his habitat. He may venture out to nibble in a few days. I’d even leave some of the formula in a small lid in the box near it’s nest at night. I’d still get up in the night to feed for another week to week and a half though. I also put some gator aid in another lid in at night. You can probably get him to suck gator aid out of a Q-tip too. Hydration is crucial. Good Luck!

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