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    okay i was attending to my 3 hermit crabs and found a bunch of worms. yes they were worms. they looked like little maggots. they were alive and moving thats how i spotted them in there. they were all in one corner of the aquarium. and also in the water dish. did not see any rotting food at all in there. has anyone had them in their aquarium? kinda gave me the creeps. going to call pet store tomorrow where i got them from to see if they know anything. also going to clean the aquarium and put new sand in. if anyone knows of anything about the worms please let me know asap thanks



    The worms may in fact be larvae from a number bugs fruit flies in particular.
    Fruit flies, Gnats, Mites, Book lice and mosquitoes are all common in tank pests.
    Book lice are actually beneficial to the ecosystem in the tank they help to remove waste and keep bacteria down so if you find them don’t freak out.
    Book lice live in between the pages of books hence the name and are found in practically every home in the U.S. and the world.
    They look like tiny grains of sand that move..
    Mites are a nuisance but not extremely dangerous to your crabs..
    Fruit flies however are a serious problem and they are usually associated with rotten fruit and vegetables the egg of the fly can sometimes be found on the skin of some fresh fruits and when the fruit is given the heat and humidity in the tank causes the the eggs to hatch and then the larvae feed on the fruit.
    Chances are you are seeing the beginning of a fruit fly infestation in the tank.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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