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    New to the forum. We have a syrian hamster named Smootsy. She’s a little over a year old.

    Recently, after adding some new bedding, she began to lose the fur from her butt and her tummy. The fur on her back higher up, near her head, was otherwise okay.

    We thought the new bedding was sticking to her fur and she was scratching her fur off out of annoyance. We changed back to the old bedding, but her skin continues to be slightly red, slightly scaly, and we’ve recently noticed some scabs. In addition, there is a small patch of little tiny black dots.

    Any takers on what’s going on? We suspect mites, and less likely some kind of fungal infection. We bought a “mite and lice” bird spray and are using that on her fur and her cage. We’ve thrown out her ball, her old bedding, and some other stuff that might have been contaminated.

    Also, we want to take her to a vet. We live in New York City. Any good vets to go to? What price should we expect to pay?

    Thanks a lot in advance!



    I don’t know of nay vets but you really should have gotten her to a vet before you began treating her with anything, especially a spray. Even if she had mites, Invectermin or Revolution is much safer to use, but the dose must be measured out by a qualified vet. I’d ask on a hamster specific forum if I were you, this forum isn’t very popular anymore and isn’t very active.



    Thanks for the belated advice. We ended up using the spray once, just before we went to an exotic animal vet. She treated Smootsy for mites with Revolution, even though she doubted it was what was afflicting her. She actually thought it was probably Cushing’s.

    Poor little Smootsy ended up losing almost all her fur, and then developed these big lumps on her tum that began to ulcerate. We got really nervous and brought her to another exotic animal vet, who suspected it was really cancer. We debated putting her down to put her out of her misery, but decided to try antibiotics just in case. Well, much to our surprise and delight, Smootsy made a significant recovery, regained most of her fur, and is still alive and happy and active today. 😀

    So we really don’t know what was going on, but cancer is unlikely given the recovery she’s made. Cushing’s or diabetes… I guess is possible if she was symptomatic due to a superimposed infection. Could it have just been a smoldering infection the whole time? Dunno. But whatever the cause, we’re just glad she’s back to being our little Smootsy. 🙂



    hey! we are both new york city hamster lovers!!!, lol, I’m very sorry to hear that about your hamster. 🙁 i hope i don’t ever have this problem with my little guy. i think in the city its pricy to go to a vet!

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