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    wow no new gerbil posts since its 2010. So i guess I will post. Someone needs to get this forum alive again lol.

    Well some updates first. Scamper my beloved 6 year old gerbil passed away. Marshmallow is around 5 years old or close to it. Hes sad but to get him younger friends will just be a neverending gerbil cycle. Doc Gerbil also passed away. I thought he was younger but its hard to tell when you get animals that people just dump at pet stores cuz they dont want them anymore. But I still have Elmo, Bert and Ernie.

    Marshmallow is in a long 20 gallon tank. He loves his big tank. Elmo, Bert and Ernie are in a 45 gallon tank. But all 4 are doing well and are happy. Marsh is right next to the other gerbils tank so he sees them. I think it helps him feel not so lonely.

    I will post pictures later.

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