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    Hey guys, long time no talk It’s been a long time since
    I’ve been planning on getting a ferret My first post
    dated back in may last year helped a lot I took all your
    advice to heart, but i wanted to wait Of course i still
    have now a huge sum of money saved up for vet bills
    and emergencies. just in case, cant be too prepared
    right? But I wanted some last minute suggestions/tips
    on which type of toys and litter and foods. Brands
    anybody? I’m picking up those last things within the
    next few days. Oh and just thought i would mention
    before anyone assumes im just jumping in to it, I’ve
    done my research and i own a collection of ferret
    books by now. :] I literally have unlimited time so
    nobody should worry about that type of thing.
    Any other tips you have are greatly appreciated.



    Congrats on your new ferrets (assuming you got him/her today) and I wish you lots of laughs and fun.

    For litter Yesterdays News is the old standby. You don’t need to get the one for ferrets (more expensive for the same thing) just go with the cat one. Right now I’m using Worlds Best Cat Litter. But I’m only using it because I know my six won’t dig or nose around in it. It’s clumping and if your ferret does dig or play in it it can be a bad problem.

    If you’re getting a kit I would stick with some paper none clumping litter

    You’re in Canada right? I’m not sure of all of the foods there but I do believe you can get these two which are high quality and I would recommend:

    Horizon Legacy Feline

    First ten ingredients
    Ingredients:Fresh chicken meat, chicken meal, salmon meal, turkey meal, pea starch concentrate, chicken fat (preserved with mixed tocopherols, rosemary, citric acid), green split peas, whole eggs, flaxseed, salmon oil

    It’s grain free, high in meat and protein (41%) and is an overall good food

    The other is:

    Orijen Cat/Kitten

    First ten ingredients:
    Fresh deboned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, russet potato, fresh deboned salmon (a natural source of DHA and EPA), herring meal, sweet potato, fresh deboned lake whitefish, peas, fresh deboned walleye

    Good luck and I hope this helps. Pictures would be nice 😀

    Oh and ferrets tend to like the bag the toys come in 🙂 Use your imagination and find a good ferret forum (if you would like one just ask)



    And yeah i got him sunday (:

    Any forum links would be great!

    I’ll post pictures soon as i can (:



    @riothistory 781672 wrote:

    And yeah i got him sunday (:

    Any forum links would be great!

    I’ll post pictures soon as i can (:

    If you have the same problem I did when I got my ferret he was under weight all they feed them at the pet store was the really soft wet food. So I took him to a vet to get shots and was told he was under weight he doesn’t gain weight easy so I was told to use a kitten food mixed in with their ferret food works good if you need them to put weight on. Any kitten food would do I used science diet kitten food. Good luck



    I’m looking forward to pictures!

    Ferret Harmony is a great forum that I would recommend.

    I would also recommend staying FAR away from any kind of prescription diet from a vet including Science Diet. If you go with one of the foods I suggested then you will already be feeding a cat/kitten food which would more than likely be much higher quality than any ferret food out there.

    The only ferret food I know of that I would feed would be Innova Evo Ferret food (don’t know if you have it in Canada) and the cat/kitten food they make is almost identical

    Is your ferret from a breeder? I would love to get a healthy boy from a breeder someday.



    Trying to get him to stay still was almost impossible xD
    that was about a week ago? he has had all his shots taken care of


    Nature freak

    He’s very cute! I can’t wait for the day I get a ferret, hopefully in a year.

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