Half blind star tortoise

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    Hi everyone, please help me.
    My tortoise had a sudden “eye infection”,
    More like sticky eye. She wasnt fully blind I could tell, but she refused to open her eye, there were a lot of sticky stuff from her eye, like a layer of glue on her eyes. The skin from around the eye was also peeling. And then she refused to even come out of her shell, I force fed her everyday. I also forced water into her mouth.
    I even flushed her eye with Saline almost everyday. There was nothing else I could do.
    She was in this condition for almost 2 months.
    At the end she refused to even open her eye anymore, but she was eating, I could tell that she wanted to eat.
    She died, all of a sudden. I didnt take her to the vet because there aren’t any vets in my county when tortoises are concerned.
    It was more of a relief because I have seen her suffering for 2 months.
    Does anyone know what I could have done then, or what disease was that?? PLEASE TELL ME, I NEED TO KNOW.

    Pictures of her attached,



    Judging by the eyes and the sticky slime in the mouth it was obviously an infection, possibly herpes (for which their is no cure) or some form of respiratory problem. Most vets will administer antibiotics based on the weight of the animal even if they are not a tortoise specialist. I would have asked for this rather than watch it suffer. Another time you will know.



    if it is herpes yes I am sorry to say that there is no real cure for it. but I believe there are topical solutions you can use to help them just like there for people. (I am currently going to school for veterinary technology and we are doing a class in pharmacology now so know a little about these kinds of things but not a ton)

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