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    Hi all!! =p Remember me? If not.. I was the spoiled little brat everyone posted mean things too… cause I was like 12 and wanted to breed my mice.. YAH. That one!
    Well it’s been about a year now since I last checked petshub.. and WOW!! What is up with this place?!? Seriously! It’s deserted! Everyone must’ve quit when I left. :p *I joke!
    Well some updates on me:
    It’s my 14th birthday in 18 days! 😛 Yepp im officaly old haha.
    Cinny, Buddy and Grity are all doing fine..
    And If your wondering who Grity (Integrity) is, that’s my sisters and her boyfriends dog.. They moved into our house so they had to bring the puppy! lol. She’s a white german shepard bought from a proper breeder! ( Who is trying to make white german shepards a recognised breed)
    The cats are all doing very well!! 😛
    The ferret *baby* Is doing good! Getting a bit tubby from good food though! :rolleyes:
    The mice.. well.. aren’t really alive anymore.. They died about 1-2 months ago. R.I.P Miceys!!
    And One of my fish died the other day! R.I.P Fishy! He was really sick and had some red thing growing on him! We did all we could to save him but he still died 🙁 He was about 1 and a half!!
    Ill put pictures at the end of this to show the differences that 1 year has made to the pets! None of you have seen Cinnamon! Shes so cute! =] I posted pics of her as a puppy! but shes all grown up now! She turned 1 in october.
    I hope I wont get any negative comments now, which is of course why i’ve been gone for what like 2 years? lol. This forum has become so quiet because no one is joining! You guys need to like Advertise this place 😀 haha.
    Okay well picture time!! 😛




    OK- Sorry about that here’s the rest of the pictures!!
    Buddy =] P1010803.jpg

    Cinny posing.. like always :rolleyes:

    Cinny smelling food.. lol!

    Cinny smiling!! xD


    Cinny’s puppy face! =]

    Id really like to post some new pictures of the cats and all but im really tierd! it’s like 3am so night everyone! lol



    Welcome back.

    Love the pics!

    White Sheps are a recognised breed, they are called White Swiss Shepherds. But i do understand about them wanting to be recognised as German Shepherds.



    Awwww all the dogs are very cute esp. Cinny and the white shepherd, and happy almost birthday! =D

    And welcome back lol….its kinda dead though. fail hah.


    me02 original

    Welcome back.
    Im sorry for your loss.

    Yeah the place is kind of deserted.
    A lot of people just left because they were too busy or personal stuff.
    I come online …when i remember too i guess most people do as well.
    but yeah i don’t acctualy think we can do anything to change that.
    but i do miss all the hussle and bussle of the fast pace this forum was at.
    but at least we have one person back!!

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