Heating, lighting, mites, and sneezing?

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    I just got my 7 months old hedgie 2 days ago. I did some research before I got her, and know to keep temperatures above 70F. That was no big deal because we keep the entire house at 75F. As for lighting goes, I have her cage in my room and she’s is not in direct sunlight but is in the right vicinity to wear she gets light from my window all day.. is the sun lighting enough to keep her from attempting hibernation, or should I leave a light on? I’m super paranoid about her attempting hibernation so I just turned up the heater to 78F.

    Also, she has been itching a little bit lately and I’m worried it could be mites. I haven’t noticed any quill loss, just the occasional itch. I just went out and bought Johnson & Johnsons baby wash today. Should I get an oatmeal body wash instead incase this is just dry skin?

    And sneezing. I’m not sure if it’s sneezing, or huffing.. is there a noticable difference? Is it possible for me to give her my cold? I wash my hands before and after I handle her.

    Just a worried, paranoid, new hedgie mommy :confused:

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