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    heidi1.jpg heidi2.jpg heidilook1.jpg heidiplay1.jpg heidiplay2.jpg heidistretch1.jpg heidisit1.jpg heidimom1.jpgI would like to introduce our new puppy,a Shih Tzu named Heidi 3 months old,born August 16th,same day as my Grandmother(Mom’s Mom).Heidi snoozing ,looking out from under the coffee table at me,playing in her bed,stretched out in front of Mom ‘s chair,sitting in front of the chair and with Mom in her chair.I found an ad online on Kijiji on October 9th,we went the next day to look at the dogs,there were 4 of them ,originally 5.They all wagged their tails from the big cage they were in.We looked at 2 puppies,a brown one then Heidi,Heidi really took to Mom and me,she cuddled in Mom’s coat and on my lap,the parents are the house pets there,they both came over and kissed and licked me and sat beside me.Then first night here was a sleepless one,we put her in Fritz’s old bed,she cried,so brought her upstairs to my room here she still cried,Mom took her out and was with her a few minutes,put her back in the bed,she pooped in it, took the bed out of the cage,she still cried,tried music from a portable transistor radio, it worked ,couldn’t keep it going all night.Finally at 5,she was still crying so I got up and took her outside then brought her back on my bed.No problems since then,use a radio that plugs into the wall,it works,she stays quiet,has had a dry bed for 3 0r 4 weeks now,most times,she starts crying to go out from 20 after 5 to 6,other times it is 4,like it was earlier this week.she has all kinds of toys,the monkey stuffy,a bear stuffy,a orange ball,she chases and barks at,my slippers which she chews,a small Kong and a rope bone.She likes ot bit at your feet,likes biting at my arms also so have used Tabasco Sauce and water,the sauce works good,put it arms and socks and mom puts in on her slippers,she licks,doesn’t like the taste of of it and runs around the bed.She has two meals a day,has a snack of food at some point in the day,has a few naps,is having one now,Mom has gone out to play cards.Down her she goes to a plastic lattice gate to ask to go out,it works,just has to learn to do the same thing upstairs.The odd time,has looks at the TV,found out her dad likes to watch hockey.While down here,she sleeps in a odd place,under the old stereo.She is quite a dog,very friendly ,likes kissing and licking you,does it to Mom,something Fritz never did.Glad to have another little dog in the helps,it helps to get over the loss of Fritz,she will never replace Fritz,she comes close,really love the little dear.



    so pretty 🙂



    she is so cute !

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