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    My name is Lynne. I have many pets that i just adore. My dogs are a german shepherd named Annie and Romeo a cattle dog cross that only has 3 legs as a result of the abuse of his former owner. I also have an elderly dumbo rat named Ralph (whose cage buddy Riley died about a week ago), 4 fancy mice (Catherine, Lady Jane, Elizabeth, and Abagail), a hedgehog (Spike), and a Percheron horse named Zeus.

    Also sharing my home with me are my mother, sister, and father’s shelties (Laddie, Brodie, and Brycee), my sister’s tangerine and convict ciclids, and her 2 horses koda the orphaned thoroughbred appaloosa cross, and echo, a rescued half arabian mare. my sister’s sugar gliders (Jasper and Zap) come home from college with her on breaks.

    I am attending college to obtain my bachelors degree in science education. I work for an afterschool program teaching science in a fun way. how to skewer a baloon without breaking it, how to plug a hole in a baloon with a penny, how to make polymers, and non newtonian fluids are some of the kids’ favorites.

    I am intending to start a business breeding exotic rodents.

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