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    Hi my name is Rhonda.. The list of my owners are considerable..
    1) Boomer-1 and 1/2 year old male descented, fixed Marshall Ferret
    2) Bits-1 year old top ear Rat
    3) Mr.Whiskers-9 month old albino Rat
    4) Gizmo- 9 month old rescue calico male cat
    5) J.C.- 1 year old Bengal Mix
    6) Abner- 3 year old Mancoon cat
    7) Eucrid-4 year old Blue Russian Cat
    8) Diamond-11 Month old Hypo Red Tail Boa
    9) Houdini-2 year old Ball Python
    10) Tashie_ 7 year old Alaskan Husy

    We have a very diverse group at my house, but cats, dogs, ferrets, ratties, etc all get along wonderfully…

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