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    Hello anyone who reads this!
    I’m not sure if you remember me or not, I do however remember all of you!
    I haven’t been on in about 2 years and am just wondering how you all are doing?

    I realise that the time I spent on the forum from 2007 onwards was a very ‘scandalous’ time 😉
    Reading through all my old posts is incredibly embarrassing!
    I would just like to thank all of you who ever replied to them and helped out.
    I realise now that I was a very irresponsible, self righteous little 11-12 year old. I am very glad you all had some patients with me! I probably wouldn’t have, jumping from breeding to buying within days!

    My pets are all doing very well 🙂 I don’t have mice anymore, not for a few years now actually.
    My puppy I adopted around the time I left the forum just turned 3 this past october and my eldest cat is going on 13!

    Merry Christmas for the upcoming holiday season everyone! 🙂


    S t e p h

    Wow, i havn’t been on here for ages either! Still looks pretty dead though.

    How have you been? How old are you now? What pets do you have now?



    Yeah it’s a shame, the place has been dead for a while now I think.
    I’ve been good, just finished year 10! Going onto year 11 next year, very scary! 😛
    I’m 15, I will be 16 in less then a month now!
    I still have basically all the same, 4 cats, Snowy, Isabelle, Harmony and a little boy is our I guess “newest” pet. We found him in abandoned in a box almost 2 years ago.
    3 dogs, Buddy and Cinnamon. My sister lives with us with her dog so Integrity is counted as well 🙂
    That’s all! 😮
    What about you steph?


    S t e p h

    Yeah i don’t think it’s going to liven up anytime soon lol.
    Wow 16! times gone so quick.
    I’ve still got the 3 dogs Tasha, Angel & Roxii and got the cats Melina & Nitro theres also another cat here at the moment which is my auntys that we got deed for her and kept her here while she had stitches so my little cousin didn’t hurt her, i don’t want to give her back now so we will see how i go with that 😀 haha. Still got Mercury the rabbit and have another rabbit now called Hail. Still got Nelly the axolotl and JoJo the atial also got a budgie inside that whistles and talks called Tweety. Bearded Dragon called Harley. Two Ferrets called Buffy & Avril. Two Turtles called Vodka & Cruiser. Got a few silkie bantams and some aviaries outside with budgies, lovebirds and gouldian finches and a pond with goldfish. aaand Still got a couple fishtanks. 🙂



    Hiya guys….good to see some pople around *L*

    I still popped in on occassin, i did post pic for ages, but after a while i stopped as no one seemed to looking at them anyway lol.

    I tend to play around Facebook mostly now though, if you have it let me know. I am a heavy gamer though, you will need to block FarmVille and CastleVille 🙂 I post all my pics there 🙂

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