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    Hello! My name is RayRay/Rachel, but you can just call me Hinawa. I work at a pet store (no we do not sell puppies or kittens, and we get our animals from private breeders (: ). I am 17 years old, going on 18 on Groundhog’s Day, and I always loved animals as a child. I love animals of every type (except certain kinds of bugs – yuck! haha). I will be going to college to study Japanese and Asian Studies, looking to be a Japanese translator. I really want to help out at shelters and things like that more, but right now life is hectic with college coming up and work, but I am looking for the future to help out.

    My Beauties:

    1.) Juniper/Juno (7317_134236101590_804491590_2425908_5031425_n.jpg)

    Juno is a conglomeration of Sheltland Sheepdog, Collie, and Australian Shepard. Most people think she gets her colouring from the Aussie, but she actually got it from her purebred blue merle sheltie mother. The only way you can tell she has aussie is because of her bobbed tail which is half the size of a sheltie’s. She weighs 50lbs and her mother was rescued from a forclosed house. She gave birth to Juno and 9 other pups at a collie breeder/dog rescue. She is now 9 months old and will be in training to be a therapy dog and will be trained in agility.

    2.) Pongo (20271_247857301590_804491590_3177325_6136504_n.jpg)

    Pongo is a purebred Color Headed White Sheltland Sheepdog that we got from a rescue. For the first 3 weeks we had Pongo, he would not go near us, for fear of being smacked or hurt. Pongo was rescued from a puppy mill in Missouri and he was abused there because his colors are “undesirable”, and we have little to no information on him besides that. He can be a little shy at times, but this 7 month old pup has grown to love us. We are working on socializing him, because we feel he is comfortable enough with us. He will be trained in agility.

    3.-4.) Pistachio and Artemis (20271_146624281590_804491590_2550342_607568_n.jpg)

    Pistachio is the white and tan capped dumbo rat and Artemis is the black and white berkshire dumbo. These are the only two that are not rescues, and I bought them before I came to detest PetSmart. Pistachio has been a sweetheart ever since I bought him, he has the best temperment in a rat I have ever seen. Artemis is on the shakey side, and loud noises will scare him stiff, but he is a loveable boy.

    5.-6.) Widget and Roxas (20271_242668196590_804491590_3150176_3935903_n.jpg)

    That is the only picture I have of them, sorry that you have to see my face! haha. Widget is the one which you can see his face, while Roxas is in the back. Roxas is “partially albino” if that makes sense. His coat is far lighter than any other hamster of his siblings, and he has red eyes. Widget is Roxas’ uncle. They were abandoned in my pet store, with the box open. It took us a week but we found about 20. Widget has holes in his ears from quarells, and/or injury from running around our store, and he had blood on his nose when I brought him home. Their tempermant is great, Roxas never bites and Widget just doesn’t like being picked up, but likes being held.

    7.) Cajun (20271_247913151590_804491590_3177519_97984_n.jpg)

    My little spoiled brat. We rescued her from the APL 10 years ago. We got her at the same time as a puppy, but sadly that puppy turned into an 120lb all muscle black lab and died at the age of 10, a long life for a big dog. That was her buddy (along with a 15 year old Tonkinese who died last winter), even though she is not fond of dogs. She is a Bombay, although she may be a mix, but she resembles a Bombay in every way, except for her excessive shedding. She is kind of shy but loves to be pet and if I walk away while she wants attention, she will trip me.



    Hello Ray Ray,

    Welcome to the forum.

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