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    Hello im Caitlan,and im well obviously new to these fourms,and i just wanted to introduce my two chinchilla’s Lucifern or as i call her for a nickname Fern,spotted in the picture above she’s a hetero-beige and Otis below whom is a normal stardard grey male and they both will be two in the winter january for otis , february for Fern.


    So those guys we’re my chinchilla’s the other pets i have at my dad’s are two dogs a english springer spaniel and a white german shephard(both purebreds),a maine coon cat also a purebred and a Parrot.They will be listed in order english springer spaniel(Benelli),white german shephard(Rasta),maine coon,cat(Betty) and Bird(Parrot).

    47299_1361793251527_1432442118_30808249_6721271_n.jpg(Benelli;Brown&White . Raste;White dog)


    than back in ontario with my mum,well otis is back there but he will be joining me out west soon.the animals i have at mums are two horses one’s mum’s and one is mine . flash a 27 year old standardbred is my mums he’s been in my life forever and hers since she was 16 and Daphne a 15 year old appaloosa mare who’s been in our lives since may 2nd.Three cats two are hers one is mine;hers are emma and maggie and mine is Loki.Three dogs;Josie,Rex(beagles) and Outie(German Shephard xCollie).11 chickens/roosters and 35 goldfish.
    Listed in Order:Daphne(I understand she looks underweight but it is because she is in this photo i kinda rescued her so i had to restart her and we are working on getting more fat on her body which she i so dont assume were neglecting her because clearly were not and we are caring for her well do you see that smile placed on my face?!?!),Flash,Outie,Loki,Emma,Maggie,Josie,Rex,Some of our Chickens. (Goldfish arnt shown)


    47822_490406868241_546948241_7110599_4539288_n.jpg(Flash,remember he’s 27.)


    25996_423977543241_546948241_5437752_322974_n.jpg(Loki;Grey . Emma;White&Black)


    Well those are all my animal’s and thank-you for everyone who welcomes me and my animal’s to this fourm i do have mixed breeds and i adopted most of the mixed animals from people whom could no longer have them and they were not breeders and i rescued them…not saying that i dont like mixed breeds because i do own them but i do perfer my purebred animals for some reason…but i like all animals the same because i am an animal lover<3
    So please no rude comments here on this post of my animals please i love them all the same.

    Thank-you all so mucchh,CaitlanBee

    P.S the chickens/roosters , Josie+Rex arn’t featured in this,sadly and neither is our bird,maybe on another post ill post the remainding animals.

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