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    So my cat brought me a gift today that wasn’t the usual bunny (we have a bunny nest in the backyard). I woke up to the sounds of skweaking and found him playing with a small mouse. I’m not sure if it is a baby that hasn’t opened its eyes yet or if it is in shock. It had a cut by its ear and an abrasion on its side. I put antibiotics on them income they were from the cat’s claws. I’m keeping it locked in my room so my cat can’t get it. I have it resting by a mug filled with warm water as a heating source and there is a bottle cap with water and a bottle cap with bread crumbs. I know if it’s a baby I should give it cat/dog formula or soya milk, but I want to be sure before I do that. That’s all I could glean off the internet. Is there anything else I should know/do or do differently?

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