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    Hello there, I am really excited I found this place, not sure how it all works so excuse me if I do this wrong!

    Anyways, I bought two hermies two days ago. the first day the fought a little but nothing that looked dangerous or anything. They were acting very weird today, and I hadn’t put a salt bath in yet so I decided maybe they needed a bath, so I followed instructions on how to bath them and they RAN from the water. weird, but anyways. Now they are trying to ESCAPE the cage!! I had to take their coconut house and log house out, as they were CLIMBING them!! I don’t get it. and I sure don’t want them to escape!! I have a heat lamp over top of the cage and it covers majority of the tank, and its a tank thats alot bigger than the little plastic ones the pet stores sell, its glass and about as ltall as my forearm, So I took out the huts, but now I feel bad because they have the blinding steaming hot light on them all the time. I’ve tried to make them very happy by giving them fresh water every day, many different foods to try from, can someone give me advice? or tell me what to do?!




    You may need to cut the heat back so to speak, It sounds to me like their trying to get away from the heat. What wattage bulb are you using in the heat lamp, you may have to use a lower rated bulb.
    I have a thirty-gallon aqaurium and I use a sixty watt blacklight bulb in a standard clamp lamp, it works really well because it heats the left side of the tank and leaves the right side about eight degrees cooler that way my hermies can cool off when they need to.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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