hermit crab crisis

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    My hermit crab changed into a slightly larger shell recently. Then shortly after that he changed into a shell that’s way too small for him. I’m surprised he can even fit in it, its about half the size of his old shell. He can’t even get all the way in it to hide, and he seems lethargic, so I put him in an isolation tank just to be safe. I gave him some shells to choose from including his old one and a few others shaped like his old one. I boiled them all in filtered water. Well it’s been over a week and he still hasn’t changed out of the shell. I know I just need to be patient, but I just want to make sure, am I doing everything right? And what else can I do? I keep a good hermit crab enviornment, the humidity is always between 70-80, and so is the temparture. I provide them with filtered water.



    Are you all so providing salt water because hermit crabs as you no doubt know keep water in their snail shell and they keep it at a ceratin ionic salt concentration by drinking salt water and they all so use the salt in their food for this purpose.
    Salt water should be present in the enclosure at all times, I use brackish with my PP’s and they are doing great.
    Brackish water is half the saline of full strength sea water and is achived by mixing five tablespoons of Rock salt or API Aqarium salt to one gallon of fresh de-chlorinated water.
    Never use Iodinized salt like table salt because the Iodine is man made and will kill the crab. Sea water dose contain a naturally occuring Iodine from certain plant matter but table salt or any salt that says Iodinized is not suitable for use in hermit crab drinking water.
    What are you using for substrate? What is the depth of the substrate? and what food sources are you providing?

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