Hey there from Fargo, North Dakota – aka middle of nowhere USA! lol

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    Hey there- my name is April I am 27 I have 9 sugar gliders Sprocket and Cricket – my standard grey breeding pair – they currently have twin baby girls that are both spoken for
    Then there is Wembly and Dixie – Wembly is a grey boy, Dixie is a cinnamon girl but looks grey they are still not sexually mature yet – Dixie is a few months older than Wembly.
    Next is Mokey – a grey girl who is Crickets sister and Gobo a sterile WFB male they are a pet only pair.
    And last but certianly not least is my trio Joe Dimaggio a leu, Marilyn Monroe a 66% leu het WFB and her sister Norma Jean who is also a 66% leu het – she is grey though.
    I also have a grey cat – he is I believe a russian blue – but was a rescue so who knows – his name is Dragon. I live with my folks and they have a min-pin/chihuahua mix named Ginger and another cat she is a calico her name is Daisy. So yeah we have alot of pets over here – lol but we love it.
    I actually am just getting into breeding (Sprocket and Cricket are on thier 4th batch of babies) and a friend of mine and I also make cage sets and toys for sugar gliders that we sell online – our ebay store is athttp://myworld.ebay.com/suggie_supplies you can see what fabrics we have onhand on our website at http://suggiesupplies.webs.com or email me here if you have any questions or anything I end up falling in love with most of the cage sets and am now up to 12 cage sets – which I know is ridiculous ha ha but oh well! I am single and have money to burn so alot of my disposable income goes twards my gliders – why not right? lol:D Other than really being into animals I also love movies and music, chatting online, spending time with family and friends – stuff like that. I am pretty laid back and always enjoy meeting new people so I am a member on several boards
    Well feel free to shoot me an email if you like – would love to hear from you!

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