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    My name is Mareena and I live in Albany upstate New York with my mom. I just lost my male domesticated short haired cat named Smokey in June.(June 7, 2011). On July 4, 2011, I adopted three sisters who are rescue cats.They are eight years old, we had thought tabbies, (tortoiseshell) that had been fostered at a farm. Their names are Coquette, Chicklet and Lollipop but I want to change them to Ruby, Opal and Amber.

    They have brothers Buttons and Luigi who don’t have homes yet. I might be adopting them as well. Their names would be Topaz and Onyx.

    So far, Coquette (Ruby) is the friendliest, Chicklet (Opal) is a little standoffish and Lollipop (Amber) is downstairs most of the time. 😀

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