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    Well I am a single mom and a student. I am studying psychology. The pets that I have in my home are 1 dog – and english pointer named Molly, 4 cats – 2 orange tabbies Athena and Princess, 1 calico tabby mix named Chere, and 1 black/grey tiger striped tabby named Angel, 2 firebelly toads – Elmo and Bob, and 2 guinea pigs – Snickers and Rodney.

    Snickers is our newest member of our family and I just rescued him last night. His story just makes me so angry that anyone can treat such a sweet piggie so horridly. He is currently in quarantine until he can see the vet tomorrow.

    Rodney is 5 weeks old and didn’t adjust so well from being taken away from mommy so we got Snickers to be his adopted brother. When they met they acted like long lost friends. I think they are going to be very happy together once Snickers is feeling better.

    Molly, a 6 year old English Pointer/Jack Russel mix, was the first pet I let my kids have once they had proven that they were ready. Molly was also a rescue. The couple that had her, complained that she was a horrible dog that never listened to them and was beaten quite horribly for her transgressions. I offered to take Molly off their hands for a small fee and they quite happily gave her up. When she came to our home she was quite withdrawn and skittish. However, it just took a few short weeks of consistent love, kindness, and stern obedience training before she was a perfectly well behaved, happy, and outgoing pet. Plus her hunting skills have come to be quite useful when my ten year old autistic daughter gets the urge to roam and wanders away from the house. Molly thinks that the command “find Kila” is an exciting game of hide and seek for which she is rewarded generously when Kila is found.

    Athena is actually a male that is 4 that we found as a stray kitten. He was so little that we first mistook him for a female. He received the name of Athena because he was so affectionate and loved to be held and cuddled. By the time I discovered my mistake in sexing him, it was to late as he was already accustomed to his name.

    Princess age 1 is another rescue I found on Craigslist was on the verge of going to the pound. The lady that had her was actually in a panic and on the verge of tears when I met her and agreed to take the kitten. She had received the kitten as a birthday gift just a few weeks prior and then her husband got orders to ship to a base overseas and she was told the kitten could not come. She had the kitten on Craigslist for quite awhile and her deadline for finding a good home was looming and she feared she would have to drop it at the pound if they didn’t find a home in time. My kids wanted to name her boots as her feet and neck are here only white spots. However, Princess was having none of that and would get quite nasty hissing and scratching anytime we called her that. One day she came out of hiding and hopped up in my lap. She sat there staring at me as if she was a queen on her throne demanding affection. I snidely made the comment “aren’t you just a snotty little Princess” to which she instantly curled into a ball on my lap and purred. The snooty little kitty had picked her own name. At only a year old she is the Alpha pet in the family and will not hesitate to get mean and vicious with the others if she doesn’t get her way. She is the only cat that consistently gets nailed with the squirt gun for naughty behavior.

    Chere, according to the papers from the pound is 8. I had no intentions at that time of adding another pet to the household but Chere chose me. She was among a batch of older cats who had been at the pound over six months and had been made part of a program through a local pet store to be part of a reduced fee adoption fair as a last resort before being euthanized. I was at the store to buy crickets and ghost shrimp for our bottomless pits my son calls frogs. When I walked past the cage that Chere was in she cried so horribly and kept throwing herself at the glass. I couldn’t stand to see her so unhappy so I asked if I could hold her to offer some love hoping to settle her down some. When the store clerk opened the cage, Chere leaped into my arms, rolled over exposing her belly to me, and purred when I petted her. It was love at first sight and she went home with me that day.

    Angel came with the house I just bought. The people who lived here previously were renters that owned about 8 cats and left them all behind. All of them except Angel found new homes where people were willing to care for them prior to me moving in. For some reason Angel refused to find a new home and insisted on demanding entrance to my home as soon as I had unlocked the doors for the first time. Feeling sorry for the stray as she appeared to have had a recent litter, I let her in to feed her. A thorough search did not turn up any babies hiding on the property and she showed no desire to return to a litter she may have left so I arranged to have her spayed. Once I knew there were no babies that she needed to tend to I refused to let her outside again as she had been declawed. When I took her to the vet I was told that she would not need to be spayed as she had already had it done. She is even more affectionate than Athena as she not only enjoys being held and cuddled but she thoroughly enjoys my autistic child’s attentions and in my opinion only an Angel would not only tolerate my daughter treating her like a baby doll but would enjoy it and demand for more.

    Elmo and Bob are the two firebelly toads. I have no idea if they are male or female but they must be the same sex because they have made no attempts to breed thankfully. We have had Elmo for a year though my son thinks it has been three. Elmo as far as my son will ever know, started as a bull frog tadpole that I rescued from being flushed down the toilet at the pet store. The tadpole had gotten accidently mixed into a shipment of goldfish and the pet store said that they couldn’t keep it or sell it and I offered to take it home as a science experiment for my then three year old son. Once the tadpole had sufficiently morphed enough to be able to jump it hopped out of the tank and the cats made short work of it. So I rushed to the store to find a replacement before my son discovered the missing tadpole. I originally told him that we would probably have to release the grown frog when it was big enough so the purchase of the firebelly toad worked to my advantage. Since the tadpole turned out to be an exotic frog not native to the US the law said we had to keep it which made my son happy and no tantrums when it came time to let go a froggy he had come to love. Two years later, a neighbor kid that my son had over for a sleep over let Elmo out of the tank and the kitty’s got him again so he has been replaced a second time. Shhh my son will never know that Elmo is not the original tadpole.

    Bob was added to the tank to be Elmo’s buddy so Elmo would not be lonely. Bob we have had for about six months and my son saved a lot of allowances, birthday money, and Christmas money often asking to forgo gifts to get the money instead to build a 50 gallon ecosystem to house his two frogs. I figured since he worked so hard to take care of Elmo then he could choose a second frog to share that giant tank with. He, of course, had to save to buy the frog as well. And boy those frogs have a nicer home than I do. The have a waterfall, a river that flows through caves, and empties into a pool at the other end. The also have lots of live plants to climb, hide in, and eat. I think they are the most spoiled pet in the house.

    Well if you have made it this far you are brave indeed as this is quite a lengthy introduction to my very large family. Hope everyone enjoyed listening to my non human kiddies life stories and look forward to chatting with new found friends on the message boards.




    Great to meet youand welcome.

    Loved reading about your critters 🙂



    Hi everyone, update to my post two days ago. Snickers saw the vet and tested positive to mange, fungal, yeast, and bacterial infections. Anti-parasite medication was applied topically by vet to be repeated in a month, along with him being sent home on antibiotics and instructions for an anti-fungal bath twice a week for the next 2 weeks. He is also on a diet of pro-biotic yogurt once daily for the next week to treat for the yeast infection. It is just two days later and snickers has shown such a huge recovery that the vet has allowed him out of quarantine. Him and Rodney are so happy to finally be together and they are quite enjoyable to watch them play.

    On a much sadder note, my beloved Chere is no longer with us. Shortly after my last post, I noticed she wasn’t quite acting right. An emergency midnight visit to the vet, blood work was performed, and then we were sent home to await the results of the tests. I was warned that prognosis was not good and to expect the worst. She died at 8:30 this morning and the results of the tests came in at 4pm after she was already cremated. They think it was Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) but we are unable to confirm. She was such a loving and sweet kitty and will be dearly missed. We love you Chere and hope you are enjoying your new home. :crybucket



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