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    me02 original

    Well, the other day my dad called me downstairs, and told me to go into his car and get the first aid kit.
    At first i thought my dad had an accident, being careless or something.
    But when i came down the stairs into the outhouse my dad was kneeling over sasha and she was layed on the ground.
    To be honest my heart sank, as any owners would, as to what happened to sasha.
    As i got closer, i realized she was okay but she’d cut her back paw.
    On what we don’t know, but she’d been for a walk not 4 minutes before so we suspect maybe a peice of glass maybe have cut her.
    But there was quite a bit of blood.
    In anycase, we cleaned up the would, sterelized it so no infections could get in.
    We also bandaged it up until it stopped bleeding and then took the bandage off to let sasha clean it herself.
    Shes been fine since really, its not re opened or bled.
    We’ve been going easy on walks though, to make sure she dosn’t run, catch it so it might become infected.

    I would like to take her to the vets, but to be honest i wouldn’t want to pay £20 to get it checked only to be told to do ..exacily what we have been doing. Its just above the padding on her paw, a cm below her claw.
    Its healing so thats good.

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