Housebreaking problem

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    We have a 4.5 month old mini potbelly. We we got him, the beeder said he was litter trained, which he was, but then quit using it even though it was right there and we kept it clean, with maybe just a bit of the smell to attract him to it. We started trying to housebreak him to go outdoors. He never poops in the house anymore, but he pees a lot. He will at times go to the door and squeel when he want out and we let him out right away. We take him out very often. But he still pees inside a lot. He pees probably 2-3 times per hour and we had his urine checked and it is clean. We tried to confine him but he then pees in his bed at night also. I’ve had puppies housebreak easier than him. What are we doing wrong?


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