How much does it cost to own 2 bunnies?

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    Ok so Im looking into getting two rabbits.
    I will rescue (so how much does 2 rescues tend to cost?)

    They will have mostly free roam of my room (I will block off part of my room because it has all my electrical items) so no cage.

    I have a couple of bowls I can use for water and food so count that out of the price (the food bowls are 2 heavy ceramic dishes)

    I will have to purchase toys but I do have some cardboard boxes and some big stuffed animals. So what are good toys for rabbits?

    Guinea pigs also eat hay so they can just “share” that hay (my dad buys the hay) but I will have to purchase pellets.

    I have a cat litter box my two cats no longer use (my cats come inside and outside as they please, they like “going” outside) I also have a solid scooper to pick it up.

    Guinea pigs need 1 cup of veggies per day and I have 2 so I always have veggies (dad buys that)

    We have a “animal fund” so whenever one of our animals has to have a checkup we just take money out of there so check ups and sickness can be cut out of the amount.

    Im sure Im missing something else put I can’t put my finger on it…

    So with all my items how much will it cost when I first get them and how much does it cost a month?

    Yes I have researched and I have time for 2 rabbits and they will get 3+ hours of floor time a day.



    the hay is timithy hay , and as for the litter it must be paper product only.

    the veg is good add some ply they love it ( washed first )

    I am new to owning them too been about 13 days for our two dwarf dutchy’s



    some problem may arise with the plan if the rabbits are not altered ahead of time then they will [B]fight[/B] as mine do they were litter mates and still fight and they are only 3 months old.

    So be prepared to do the cages first and go from there to see about having them run free in the house.

    good luck



    I have 2 and on average they cost $40 bucks a month for hay, food and a large bag of litter.



    Well, you can make toys for the Rabbits also. I’m not sure about stuffed animals, but I give my bunny Toki, the paper egg cartoons after they have been washed and there is not egg or egg shell left. I also have a wheel for him that I put his Timothy hay, it is an exersize for him. If you already have timothy hay covered then it shouldnt cost much. If your planning on litter training them I use Critter Litter. I also use the Aspen Bedding, you can get a big bag for about 20dollers that last for awhile. Bunny pellets are probally about, 7 or 8 dollers, though you dont need to use much. Veggies shouldnt be a problem if you get it when you go groccery shopping. Toki likes Pineapple and you can buy the already cubed. Monthly it will probally cost about 35 to 40 dollers. Hope that can help!

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