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    1. Before you confirm your ticket, call or ask the airline company’s policy about transport dog crates, and what’s their policy regarding dog transportation. Most airline companies have different policies, and choose the right one for you, and your dog.
    2. Walk your dog before the flight, make sure your dog does all her nature needs before the flight, even if the flight will not take more than 1 hour.
    3. Make sure that the airport’s and plane’s staff know that you are with your dog, and that your dog is flying in the cargo compartment.
    4. Before flying make sure your dog meets all the medical requirements for international flights.
    5. Let the staff knows where is the water for your dog, while flying humans and other live organisms dehydrate faster than normally, so it is very important that your dog gets all the hydration she needs.
    6. Before the take off, stay with your dog as long as possible, your dog will be stressed, if it’s possible then stay with the dog till you go trough the gate.
    7. There are many situations when the flights delay, that is not very good at all. As your dog should spend less time as possible in the airport and/or airplane. Before you go to the airport, call the airport and ask if there are any planned flight delays.
    8.You should not feed your dog couple of hours before the flight, though, it should be better if you visit your vet regarding this, as your vet will know better about your dog’s diet.
    9. Try to avoid flights where you have to change the planes before you get to your desired location.
    10. When the plane has landed, exit the plane as soon as possible, and go to the baggage waiting room, you should meet your dog as soon as possible, if she was flying in the cargo compartment.



    We went through this ordeal with both our dog and cat at the same time! It’s very stressful for pets but they are resilient and usually recover with no long-term ill effects.

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