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    Hi! Im 15 years old and love animals. I want to open my own Pet Store one day but I really want/ need to know:

    . What classes should I take? I think Im going to comunity college and get my 2 year Vet Tech degree but what others should I take?

    .Whats a good place to have the shop? A town shopping center, a highway shopping center, or something in between?

    . Where do you order those special cages and tanks you see in pet shops? How about shelves and furniture?

    . I was thinking I’d have 2 or 3 employees in the store at once. One for aquatics/reptiles, a cashier, and a small pet specialist (Which would probably be myself) Is this a good idea? Or should I start off with just myself?

    . I want to carry the following pets year round:

    Guinea Pigs
    Budgies/Canarys (and similar birds)
    Snakes (Non-meat eating to start, unless there isint such a thing)

    I am not too sure about carrying Rabbits

    Does anyone know of a pet supplier BESIDES Local breeders? I probably won’t host shelter animals right away. Like, the place that PETCO gets there pets from?

    How much money would I probably need to start?

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