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    Currently I am a junior in highschool but hey, you need to research. I’ve kept pretty much all animal legal in NY with very few exceptions and have been successful with almost of of them. I love animals and always want to be around them,so thats why I’m thinking about owning a petshop. I live in a town that has about 8,000 people in it, so my closest petshop is over 1 hour away and they are not the greatest ones either.

    Heres what I plan on keeping for animals:

    Fish, Ive kept them for almost all my life, both fresh and saltwater(Ive had a sw setup for over two years now)

    For freshwater there would be the usual, tetras, gouramis, barbs, and other community fish + goldfish. There would also be the more unusual, datnoids, cichlids(kinda not unusual), motoro stingrays, and a few other oddballs.
    The stingrays I would require to have a 180 gallon minimum for purchase.

    For saltwater, there would be clowns, cardinalfish , tangs, and other reef fishes. I would also have the more aggressive such as lionfish, pufferfish, triggerfish, cortez stingray, eels, small sized sharks.
    The shark and stingray would also need a 180 gallon minimum and the only sw stingray would be the cortez stingray and for sharks, the coral catshark, marble catshark, maybe bamboo.

    i dont plan on having those petsmart style fish tank setups, I plan on taking a big wall for fish and building a stand that would hold various sized tanks, probably mostly 20 gallons and up. Each would be drilled and connected together by pvs and a sump with a big pump would supply all the filtration.(Obviously the sw and fw would be not connected to each other.)

    This would be my biggest section

    I would keep reptiles, though not ones I think shouldnt be kept.

    I would keep:
    Ball Pythons
    Corn Snakes
    Blue Tongue Skinks
    Bearded Dragons
    Crested Geckos
    Leoperd Geckos
    Russian Tortoise
    Chinese Dragons
    Turtles:I think most get bigger than people think
    Mud Turtles
    Musk Turtles
    Spotted Turtles
    Maybe RES(i think they get pretty big)
    Maybe some smaller type of softshell turtles

    All these turtles stay pretty small around 6″.

    Ill include Amphibians in this list to
    Pakman Frog
    Green Tree frog
    Poison Dart Frogs(arent poisonous when kept in captivity)

    I would also have various sized crickets along with mealworms.

    Small Mammals
    Guniea Pigs(srry spelling)
    Chinchallas(again spelling)
    Maybe feeder mice(Snakes should be weaned onto frozen mice, better for them)
    All will be seperated by sex

    Birds:I love birds, but they are also a great responibility

    I will carry:
    Zebra finches
    love birds
    Senegal parrots
    Miniature macaws
    Goffins Cockatoo
    Maybe african greys
    Im not sure about a few of these, I dont think i want to carry any of the big macaws or cockatoos becuase of the huge responsibily they carry.

    I might carry a few dogs if I can find a breeder to give me one. I know people say that a good breeder wont give their dogs to petshops buy a select few around here, have dogs and they all come from breeders and have papers to prove.

    As for supplies, I wont carry junk. Hey they could go to petsmart and have a informed employer reccomend a crappy protein skimmer and then the person out 60 bucks.
    I will only carry supplies that I think is good quality and works well, stuff I have read is good on the many forums I am on, learning.

    I will also make caresheets for all the animals I sell, and give one to every person who buys that animal.

    So what do you guys think?

    I am thinking about going to college for business and also might go for a biology degree.

    What types of licease do I need? Where do I get them?

    Have any ideas on where the best place to open one up is?

    Anny suggestions, shoot


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