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    Hi, I recently just bought a guinea pig on the 2nd. His name is Gizmo. I have a mouse and have had hamsters before, so I decided to get a guinea pig because i’ve heard they are very kind and loving. Ever since I got him he seems really nervous and scared. Although I caught him last night running around in his cage making noises and tipping over his food dish. The pet store said he’s six months old. Every time I hold him he will be okay for awhile if he just sits on my lap and pet him, but when I hold him with my hands against my chest or anything he nips at my hands. It’s not a bite, it’s like a little love nip, but i’m concerned he may not like me. I wash my hands before I hold him with non scented soap. He also won’t take any treats for me, and the only thing he has been eating is oranges and hay. He won’t eat his pellets or anything else. I’ve tried a bunch of veggies and fruits but he just doesn’t seem interested.
    I was considering getting another guinea pig and maybe it’ll relax Gizmo a bit, but i’m not really sure if that’d be a good idea?

    Any tips or advice for a new guinea pig owner would be awesome, thanks greatly!



    Piggies love schedules, so try feeding and holding Gizmo at the same time every day. They can be skittish at first but will grow to be intensely affectionate. It’s good that he likes oranges because guinea pigs can’t produce their own vitamin C (and are thus prone to scurvy). He should be eating his pellets though, so perhaps try a different variety? There are multiple mixes out there.
    Best of luck! post pictures of Gizmo if you get a chance. Piggies are great models =]



    Gizmo will grow to love you as long as you keep on doing as you are 🙂 dont worry guineas are naturally quite nervous creatures. They just need time and lots of love.
    Although Guinea pigs do tend to be happier in pairs it can sometimes be difficult to introduce another guinea pig in especially if they are males. That being said don’t let that put you off finding Gizmo a friend i would just recommend plenty of research before hand. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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