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    Hi All!

    My wife and I live in Idaho and there isnt any breeders and there is no rats at the rescue shelters so we picked up two females at Petco. They were held in the same tank/home as each other and were listed as small females…how old will they be most likely?

    We have had them for aproximitaly 2 days. I dont expect them to be as outgoing right off the bat, they have been hiding in a little hut that we have placed in their 4 foot cage. How long will it take them to outgrow this. We have been able to get them both out once an awhile but they are resistant…Luna is all white with red eyes(albino) and seems to be the shyest of the two while Rogue is willing to come out every so often….We love our girls and can’t stop watching them play and talk to them…but we have one last question would it be a good idea to have themspayed as I have heard of them having tumors?

    Thanks a bunch!

    Jeff in Rexburg


    me02 original

    Well because you’ve had them for two days, they should of been able to settle into their cage by now.
    Marking it as their territory and being able to say “this is where we live now”
    But it dosn’t mean they are used to their surroundings just yet.
    They will usually get used to their surroundings and you after about a week.
    But if the rat has had a few problems at the pet store, such as mishandlement from the staff then they may have some emotional problems that might take them longer to ajust but this should not be the case.

    You should just earn their trust with treats, like every day place your hand in the cage holding some food, they should come out to investigate the new smell in their territory.
    After they sniff your hand you give them the treat to say “Im okay, i won’t hurt you”.
    And when you feel like they are comfortable enough start to hold them more and more each day.
    They will be skittish at first, by the thought of being picked up. You know when your a small rodent and suddently being picked up by this big meaty slab with fingers and taken out of the cage can be a scarey first time.
    But they will get used to it more and more :D.

    Because they are both female they don’t need to be spayed. There is no reason for them to be spayed really.

    As for tumors, unfortunaly i have a lot of experiance with tumors.
    Our eldest rat had a abcess which we couldn’t have operated on because of his age, but it burst and he survived luckly enough…unfortunatly he is not with us..old age got the better of him.
    But recently our youngest rat charlie had a tumor and hes only a year old so we had this operated on and hes doing great.
    But with all small rodents they do get tumors and abcesses
    So the best way i can think of is check your rat everyday.
    Search their entire body for any new lumps or bumps…to them its just getting a massage really.
    But if you do find anything….anything at all take them to the vets.
    The earlyer the lump is caught the better chance your rat has of surviving and the more comfortable their life will be.

    I hope this helps a lot and your new girlies will be just great:D



    Actually spaying will lower chances of mammory tumors, so it is good to have them spayed. Every female ive had so far has had mammory tumors except the ones I got at a very young age, so I dont know if its been proven that females that have had litters are more likely to get mammory tumors than ones who have never had a litter.



    I would 100% recommend that you spay them. Tumours are not fun to deal with and spaying reduces the chances greatly. I was even talking to this women who keeps 20+ rats (together in a large happy group) and ever since she started spaying her females she has not seen a mammary tumour. She’s been keeping lots of rats for eight years now and has been spaying her girls for about three or four years now. 😉



    well spaying can prevent mammory tumors but they can also get pituitary tumors as well. Although I think males are more prone to those. Its up to you whether you wanna get a pet that will only live 2-3 years spayed or not. Vets usually cost $250 for small rodents around here. If you can find a cheaper vet then thats great. Normal people who arent rich cant afford to have multiple rats fixed though. Its not cruel or not get them spayed though. So please dont feel that way. I have never had any of mine fixed. Some got tumors and some didnt. Some mother rats I have had have gotten tumors and some who havent had litters have gotten tumors. If you can afford to get it done the best age is 4-7 months of age. Since rats age quickly i wouldnt get it done past that age unless it was an emergency. Putting small rodents like rats under is a huge huge risk. Just remember in the wild a rat is lucky to live 1 year. Most only live 6-7 months. Good luck in your decision 🙂

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