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    Well im kinda back. I dunno if anyone here still remembers me. I’ve had a crazy year. As you can see by my siggy i dont have many pets anymore. This is mainly becuz I got divorced and moved back to the town i grew up in. We split up the cats. He kept Felix and Victoria and I took Ninja and Sly. Tasha went to my friend traci. All my critters went 2 a few different rescues who are actually keeping them. I’m trying to get back on my feet which isnt easy. Luckily i have a friend whos letting me live with her until i can afford my own place. I miss having critters. My 2 cats i took with me dont even live with me. Not until i get my own place but they are in good hands for now. I have another good friend taking care of them until i can get my own place. Life has just been hectic and ive actually changed alot, for the better I think. So i figured i would update yall on how im doing. Its been crazy and depressing but its all working out.

    Ninja and Sly are doing pretty good. They miss me cuz im not with them but they will be ok and like i said are in good hands. My fish are doing pretty good as well. I can’t believe my very first betta (Dexter) is still alive. Hes doing so great. He will be 3 yrs old this summer i believe. Edward just turned 1 yr a couple months ago. They are spoiled boys. They each have their own 10 gallon all to themselves. Anyways, i have facebook for those interested in adding me. I dunno how often i will be on but i will check back from time to time.

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