Introduction to my Zoo

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    I truly, literally have a zoo at my house. I have lots of pets- I love them all! Let’s see:

    I have 6 hermit crabs all purple pinchers-


    2 Male Guinea Pigs both with American/shorthair coats-


    and 1 Dog- rat terrier


    My name is Christine, and some of the hermit crab folks may know me, as I am also Salt and Pepper at Hermit Crab Paradise Forums. I am so glad I found this site. Though I’m a child, animals are definately my passion. Anytime I am allowed with a gift or something for doing good or so- my answer is always pet supplies. I don’t always get what I want, such as a needed Plexi Glas lid and TropicAire humidifier but- of course – pet supplies are numbers 1-50 of my Christmas List. I rarely get money myself, I’m a kid, only for my birthday and such holidays. To me, my pets life is an important part to me- while other kids think it’s strange that I don’t ask for things for myself.. I love my pets and would do anything for them!

    When I grow up, I want to be a small animal vetrinarian (including reptiles and hermit crabs of course!) and work at Operation Smile.

    My hobbies/intrests are Pets, Wii, Youtsuba&! Manga, reading, typing, forums, poptropica, drawing, and writing! I hope to see you around the forums! :D:p

    :wave::) Christine



    Hiya! I am new too but welcome to the forums! I love hermit crabs but never had the chance to own one because we are on an overload of pets right now too lol. Anyways cya! 🙂

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