Is it okay to "spank" a dog?

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    Just wondering what people’s opinion’s are on this. I’m against it but I know some people who claim it works. What do others on here think?



    No, I don’t really think spanking is very effective with dogs. Try the Caesar methods, they work amazingly.

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    I had asked this because my husband and I have opposing views on how to discipline dogs. My two dogs Gigi and Shorty are now his dogs too and originally he wanted to “spank” them when they did something they shouldn’t. Like Gigi being aggressive with one of the other 4 dogs that live with us (they aren’t ours, they belong to other people we are living with). I was 100% against it though and so he doesn’t do it.


    Ask a Vet

    Spanking your pet dog is not only wrong but unnecessary. Animals respond to body language and the tone of your voice. The reason why your dog cowers from a human who is “spanking” is because your body language has gone from calm to violent. Your face has now become angry and crinkled, your voice loud and excited; you are standing over him even after he has surrendered. Your strike has nothing to do with it. In the animal kingdom, loss of trust as a pack member makes an animal more unstable and fearful.



    I’m against it, I don’t like to hit them. If I have to discipline them, what I do is I grab a newspaper roll it and just hit it against my hand and the sound just do the work. Maybe it will work for you guys, don’t hit the animals that doesn’t work.

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    The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you provide your dog with all sorts of things that are ok for it to chew and gather them all in one location. The main reason for gathering all your dog chewable items in one location is to train the dog to associate the location with things it likes to chew.



    Its the degree and reason behind it, I believe. Spank a dog, spank a child… I have both & have always been of the mind against it.

    I remember when my son (age 2) started throwing and smacking his toys at me. I told myself I was not going to spank. Yet, I got angry, took his hand and slapped it, saying “NO! BAD BOY!”. Within a half of a millisecond I regretted it. Hitting with hitting??? I]I apologized to him and have never done it again! Positive reinforcement goes much better & makes me feel MUCH better to boot. “No” and “Your a good boy, that was a bad thing to do.”[/I NOW, imagine doing this to a dog- who you cannot make understand you, your apology or “why” reasoning. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I admit I have swatted my dog’s butt before, like pooping right in front of me in the kitchen. The dog it 6 yrs old and he did it right infront of our dog door! But for all other “bad” deeds, I am quick with a “No” or I take him to his punishment area for no more than 10-15 mins. Then, I stand infront of him. I make him sit & hold for a few seconds- release word “Okay” and I pet him & tell him he is good (happy high pitched tones). I’ve been doing this since he was a puppy (timeout then was only about 1-2 mins), so its worked great for me. I have other things I do- but this answer is already way tooooo long. LOL.

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