Is my baby girl in labor?

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    Hi there. My girl Bella has been pregnant for a while now. Today around 10:00-10:30, I saw her stretching out in odd positions and then flattening herself out and falling asleep immediately. Every once in a while she’ll wake up, stretch, and go back to bed. I immediately thought, “Labor”, since her Mom did the same notions of stretching (sort of) when she had her. R.I.P., Noel 🙁 However, after several rounds of this, she went to get food, nibbled, then SPRINTED up her tunnel and into the top compartment of the cage. She ran around once, SUPER fast, laid down and stretched, yawned and fell asleep. She looks like she’s dead! And she had a session of excessive cleaning that lasted about 20 minutes. Today she’s been drinking water for long periods of time, and hour or longer at once. Is she in labor? And how long does labor take? Thanks all.




    hope you sorted this situation out

    i live in WB as well and am looking for a couple baby white robo hamsters, would you be able to help?



    may b

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