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    How many of you are vegetarian? My thoughts are that if someone can love animals so much, how can they eat them? That’s why two years ago I decided to adopt a vegetarian diet and try to save animals all over the world by doing protests and joining campaigns. I just wanted to know how many of you feel the same way, or are interested in the same stuff?

    “Why love one and kill the other? Make the connection!”


    and for anyone who loves animals, I suggest you watch meet your meat:


    It’s horrifying that people actually can do this.



    Vegitarian diets are not good for humans. If it was up to me sure, I wouldn’t eat aniamls, but we are carnivors. We are meant to eat animals. It’s the way it works.



    I hope your philosphy includes fish also…
    I am also curious as to your religion? Do you believe in the god of the christian bible for example?



    I agree with prickles, and i was going to say the same thing.

    “why love one and kill the other?” I feel thats a little uncalled for.

    If you want to be a vegitarian, i have NOTHING against you.
    I do NOT believe in the way that they treat the animals before they are killed, so i research all the brands i eat.
    God made us as meat eating animals ( please lets not get into god and evolution…) and if you don’t believe in god, well then, we have been eating meat ever since we came to this planet, its how we are made.

    Of course, i have to take your thoughts into consideration here, and i respect your opinion, and i hope you will respect mine as well, insead of thinking that your way is the only way, and a lot of people on here are like that.



    I’m not going to pretend to know all of the statistics about this, but I just want to ask a question (and if you prove me wrong that’s fine, it’s just a thought I’m having…)

    Wouldn’t the animal kingdom be overpopulated if we didn’t use some of them as food? Think of all of the deer that are around (at least in the midwest where I live). I live right next to St. Louis, and there are countless deer hit by cars all of the time. We have a wildlife overpopulation problem (if you don’t believe me come to the St. Louis area and see all of the roadkill around; I probably pass at least 5 animals on the side of the road per day), and it would be worse if people didn’t hunt.

    Also, we all know that our ancestors ate animals, and I’m sure that *some* if not *most* of us wouldn’t be here if our ancestors didn’t eat animals, because although I’m sure there were fruits and veggies available, they probably would have died from either starvation or malnutrition.

    If you want to quote and debate where I’m wrong, and bring up all of these links that state that I don’t know what I’m talking about, that’s fine. I’m not trying to prove anything, I’m just stating my opinion. Please try to respect that as I respect your opinion.



    I’m vegetarin but have no problem with other people eating meat. I won’t force my views on anyone I just personaly found an alternative to eating meat that still is nutrionaly complete ( You can find protien alot of other places meat is just the all in one “ultimate” source of protien). I also don’t want people thinking I’ve gone vegetarine because of all the bullsh*t Peta spreads around.

    If you do however want an alternative to eating animals that when balanced correctly you can still meet all your nutrional needs then I recomend picking up a cookbook and try and enjoy some different dishes and see what you think.

    Eating other animals is a normal part of life, I mean it would be a little hypocritical of me to stand here and tell you that you are all horrible because you eat other animals, when I myself feed my snakes other animals( already dead), however the majority of people do eat to much meat ( you should be eating no more then a serving the size of your palm a day) which is leading to a lot of health problems which vegetarinism can drasticaly reduce. The American Dietetic Association and Dietitians reported that

    “those who followed a vegetarin diet
    lower rates of death from ischemic heart disease; vegetarians also show lower blood cholesterol levels; lower blood pressure; and lower rates of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and prostate and colon cancer.”

    you can read the full article here:

    Not trying to say vegetarinisim is the only way to reduce such risks, good excersise and healthy food choice’s also obviously play a huge role ( after all you could live off junk food and still be considered a vegetarin) just wanted to point out some of the positive benefits.

    I also encourage anyone who is considering becoming vegeterian or maybe believes some of the old myths such as “oh thier all pale and dying and sickly after all you need to eat meat to be healthy” to do some basic research, you’d be surprised by what you find.

    I’m a huge believer in “live and let live” so though I may not think eating meat is nessicary I will never look down on anyone who still enjoys eating meat and ask for the same respect in return. After all life’s to short to argue over people’s own personal lifestyles.




    the only thing i have to say, as everyone else has said it for me…
    but if you dont like to eat animals (which is fine) are you able to eat plants as plants are living things too. and all animals eat other animals, if they couldnt then they would die. it is called an ecosystem. we are omnivorus, and have to eat both plants and meat. i have nothing against vegitarians, my friend is one too. but we have to eat aswell. i do however think that how those farmers treat those animals is disgusting. :angry: back to the topic… i am a firm believer of each to their own.



    way to go Melza i totaly agree and i also agree with prickles and k9 bob yes i am christian and believe in God and that animals were put here for a reason not just to eat but also for companionship Like Melza said everything in one big chain you must eat and animals eat other animals as do plants the venious fly trap it catches the fly’s carnivour there to.:)



    As many other people here said, humans are meant to eat meat. I would also like to point at the the Meet Your Meat thing, is on a vegetarian website, probably trying to persuade you to be a vegetarian.

    Most meat companies are perfectly fine and don’t really mistreat their animals.

    I don’t judge vegetarians, I know them and I also know people who know them. I think it’s great that you’re trying to protect the animals.

    And for someone who said something about malnutrition, you can get proteins (like the ones in meat) from beans and nuts.

    Truthfully, I’m not a vegetarian, 1st because I don’t think that my opinion will be strong enough, and that I like meat.

    Well, that’s all I have to say. And I don’t eat too much meat. I think, actually, that I’m probably just as, if not more, healthy than most vegetarians. So yeah. Bye!



    I am a vegetarian, but i belive that people should eat meat if they want to because thats what we have been doing all along. However, I HATE how they slaughter cows, pigs, and a lot of other things for food. I guess my main reason that I am a vegetarian is that i just don’t like meat.



    We are carnivours, and tofu won’t change that. What disgusts me is how they kill the animal. I try to find meat that the animal way killed without pain. its hard thought, but I think its naturel to eat meat.



    People are actually omnivores and we really eat way too much meat in the U.S. mOusey, I have to disagree with you, most meat processors and slaughterhouses are not just fine. You can find loads of information on factory farming, that is not put out by vegetarians. I am not a vegitarian but I do eat less meat than many people I know and I also try to avoid factory farmed meats and choose meats from more humane and sustainable sources.

    People can do just fine on a vegetarian diet. We can process plant proteins very efficeintly, as long as you have good variety and balance in your diet I think either vegetarian or non-vegetarian is just fine.

    Really my biggest wish would be that more people would research just what goes on in Americas food production, so they could make well informed choices. It might change the products more people choose to spend their money on.



    are you a vegerian thefab4?
    i have no problems with vegeterians, and most have no problem with me, i eat meat, i also respect their decision, but arroncance like yours is not nesseccary, and dont dig up old threads please!



    Well excuse me, I wasn’t intending on digging up an old thread and I also do not think I was being arogant. I thought it was an interesting post and wanted to just voice my thoughts on it.

    I clearly stated I am not a vegetarian. But I do try to eat less meat and meat from more humane and sustainable sources. That is my personal choice and I realize other people will make their own choices also. I don’t think you needed to be so nasty over an innocent little posting.



    ooh! soorryy! i just think taking up a thread form a week ago, just to add an arrogant remark is not needed!
    everything needs to eat my dear, if we were producers life would be fine, but we arent, are we! we need to eat, adn how far do you go? plants are alive? we eat them! we need to or else the level of animals would grow

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