just removed a split tank (some advice would be lovely)

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    so, i have a gerbil (named Rubix) who was exiled from his clan…so i bought him a new friend. a youngin i named Ronald.

    i did the split tank and all i was supposed to, and that lasted for about…i’d say a month? maybe a month and 2 weeks, somewhere around that. They eventually stopped freaking out whenever i switched their sides and they started sleeping in the others nest, so i decided it was showtime.

    i removed the mesh and they were fine for a bit, till rubix clawed ronald right above the eye. i carefully separated the fight (carefully and quickly) and kept them apart using a wooden spoon i had bought for the occasion.

    an hour or so later and rubix is happy as hell, but ronalds a mess. he’s terrified in a corner, and whenever rubix goes anywhere near him, ronald emits loud high pitched squeaks (he’s scared, he was also thumping his foot a bit after the attack)

    im wondering if this will go away, or if i need to put the mesh back in. they arent fighting at all anymore, but like i said, the squeaks are worrying me. also, whenever rubix approaches him, he sortof like, grabs rubix’s face and smells him….still squeaking like a mad gerbil.

    i would just like a smidge of advice, im willing to do anything to get these two together…i dont want either of them having to live alone…they get so sad =[



    Was the fight really bad? Sometimes certain gerbils are just panicky and squeak alot. I would say use the split cage again until any wounds he has are healed up. Then try again. What is the age of both gerbils? I have noticed that introducing a 5-8 week old gerbil pup is alot easier then introducing 2 adults.



    no the fight wasnt too bad at all, and we got it sorted out. i stayed up with them all night and eventually they got along 🙂 now they’re the best of friends! thanks for the advice!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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