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    Ok so I got pictures of everyone except Tasha. I just realized i didnt get a picture of her lol. I will later and post it too.

    I do have an update. For those of you who remember Elvira. Well Traci took her back since Ninja was harassing her. Plus Elvira just seemed to like Traci better. She would let traci pet her and pick her up. Elvira would bite us if we even tried to pet her. Well a couple weeks ago traci called me and said Elvira passed away. I was so upset, i cried and cried. If it was for Ninja being a jerk i would have kept her. I loved that cat so much. I dont blame traci cuz she had it a million times better with traci since she has a big house. Shes not sure why she passed. She seemed fine and healthy.

    Anyways now the cute pictures. Here are some pictures of my 3 boys. Felix, Ninja and Sly lol.




    And here is Sly being goofy


    Here is Victoria! Shes so skittish about the camera. I rarely get good pictures of her.


    And thats it. Like I said I forgot to get a picture of Tasha but i will sometime lol.



    aaaawe the cats are sooo cute!!! And to top it off, they all are photogenic and have such great color! wow!



    well thank you 🙂 We have a new camera too so that helps. It doesnt hide the colors. But thank you, my males love to get their pictures taken and they all ham it up when i have my camera out lol.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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