Knuckles and Jax

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    Nature freak

    Well I ended up getting two dwarfs on Sunday. They are Winter White ones or w/e. I went there at first and looked around and couldn’t find 2 male dwarf hamsters but I saw 2 weird hamsters I never heard of. I looked at them and knew they were dwarfs but I couldn’t be sure. They calld them Djungarian and they were 16 each. I went home and looked it up, come to find out they are just plain dwarf hamsters so I went back and snatched them up. They are so cute and Jax, the little one is really friendly and he is starting to turn white! I need to buy them a bigger cage, or a few more cages to attach, I just haven’t found any for a good price but know they won’t both be crammed in this one. Here are some pictures!

    IMG_2518.jpg This is Jax

    IMG_2552.jpg And again, you can really see him turning white

    IMG_2554.jpg I love his bum

    IMG_2563.jpg Knuckles

    IMG_2569.jpg Jax in front, Knuckles in back

    IMG_2573.jpg My boy Jax

    IMG_2583.jpg Jax sitting on the cat

    IMG_2607.jpg Knuckles

    IMG_2612.jpg And Knuckles again



    Awww! <3 They're very cute! A word of caution though-if I were you, I'd just get two 10 gal. and seperate them, or be ready to have something on hand for one, as WWs are prone to fighting moreso than a campbell.



    Winter Whites can live together just fine you simply need to provide enough space, a wheel for each, a large food dish, multiple beds & toys. As well you may need more than one water bottle. Besides a 10 gallon is too small for one hamster. I’ve been there and I will never let a rodent live that cramped up again.

    Congrats on your dwarfs! 🙂

    Nice to see a member from HH on here. (I’m Christmas_hamster on hamster hideout. ;))

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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