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    I have a Male Himalayan I’m looking to Breed With another Himalayan/Persian.
    I’m in the Pinellas Park area and I’m willing to travel, I just want another kitten or 2 (Flexible) Depending on size of the litter. (Contact Info at bottom of post)

    I’m a very Responsible owner, and well informed on breeding Himalayas, this will be my first Himalayan Breed but I’ve read and watched a lot of informative stuff on breeding Himalayas/Persians, but i used to breed sugar gliders, and I have been around a couple cats and dogs while mating and birthing,

    Before anybody else tries to tell me to neuter my cat because of all the wild and sheltered cats and kittens, it doesn’t apply here as long as your responsible and know what your doing there is no risk involved especially in abandonment issues, so i would appreciate you not telling me to neuter my cat, i don’t believe in spayed and neutering all animals except for some circumstances.

    P.S. – Sorry For the Long Post, I just seen people leaving negative Reply’s on this other persons post.

    If you are interested or want to know more information or simply want to see some pics of my little fluff ball,

    You can reach me at – [email protected] after you email me if you would like to talk over the phone I will provide my cell number if you would like to receive more info or pics that way its fine by me

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