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    gerbil luvr

    Hi i really need hwelp with these questions i have and it would be great if someone could anser them. Heres a list of what i need to know. :confused:
    How can i tell the age of my female gerbil?
    What signs does a female show to the male when shes pregnent or not ready to have babys?
    My male is over a year old and my female is way younger, can they have babies?
    If my gerbil has babies do i have to take the male out?
    My male gerbil likes to clean the female, is that a good sign that they could be mates?
    I could really use some ansers asap. Thank You 🙂



    Don’t breed unless you have some sort of clue as to what you are doing. Until you get a clue just don’t do it. Do you know their genetics. can you has all of them if you can’t find good homes? Can you afford them all? Can you afford a vet if something goes wrong? Can you raise the babies if the mother dies? Can you handle the mother dying emotionally? Can you handle it if all of those babies died? What if they all have genetic mutations?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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