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    I have gotten 2 chinchillas… but not today or yesterday….. 2 years ago and they will not cooperate what so ever. i trying the following: lore them in with treats, i got them a huge cage, pretty good environment, and tryed teaching them. i tryed to get them to understand that i will never harm them in any way, but won’t get it. I have been great with pets in the past, i have a cat that is fully trained and jumps on my bed and i pet her while i go to sleep, i’ve also had a dog who was great. People all over the internet host pet websites exploding with news about how awesome chinchillas are. I think other wise, the are unloving, very fluffy (but not cuddly at all), hate being held or touched in any way, from where i see it they shouldn’t even be pets more of animals i wake up to look at and then go to school. I have even tamed 2 stray cats in minutes, and was able to hold, pet, and feed. So if anyone can, please help out… it would do me a big favor.

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