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    I got Gizmo about 3wks ago from a pet store where he was the only non PEW in the cage. all the others were chewing his ears up and he had a big chunk missing and was bloody. i couldnt resist him! Poor lil guy.
    Well i brought him home and he is the sweetest mouse i have ever had :p Lets you hold him and everything. NEVER bit.

    I decided to get him a playmate and that didnt go so well. The other mouse started basically eating him alive and i had to bring him back to the store (ive had males before and i did the quarentine/slow socializing period as you should do). Poor Gizmo was all bloody and now has even a bigger chunk of his ear missing and bites all over his neck 😮

    He seems alot happier by himself and more social/outgoing with me. The only thing is he doesnt run on the wheel or climb or anything…he sits and eats and sleeps….im guessing its just his personality since hes been like that since i got him…..

    Gizmo and Charly (before i brought him back)



    he is a cutie ! i havent had mice in ages and those pics just makes me miss mine =( i am ready for a some i think =P i shall go and pick some up soon , your dragged me back into mice with those darling pics



    Such a cute mouse! Guess you found out the hard way that you shouldn’t house boys together. I have mice but just girls. It’s been two months so how is he doing?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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